Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I don't have the tools to edit my own VIDEO

Are you a self-trained video geek? Would you like to save some money by NOT buying expensive editing software? Maybe you'd like to up the ante of your videos with some graphics and music.

The web is exploding with video editing cloud services that allow you to upload, edit and share your footage.

Let's assume you've used your built in laptop video camera, cell phone, or have a handheld video camera and would like to add music, effects, transitions, and a few simple graphics on the cheap.

Check out WeVideo.

We will be signing up later today and give it a test run. It looks easy and intuitive, but we're not holding our breath. HD video files can be very large, in size, and we suspect the upload time will be long. Make sure you have a broadband connection before you upload.

 Visual Media Concepts is always available and willing to help edit your self-shot videos. However, if you're a DIY person, there are many options available for editing and sharing your video content.

Please post and share your thoughts and edited videos using a cloud service. We would love to hear what your experiences were using these online applications.

Now get out there and shoot some video!

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sonicjar Music said...

I love the youtube editing suite for video.. its awesome and free!! does the basic editing fast without installing any tools