Friday, January 8, 2010

New Media Numbers

Here are some new numbers. Sorry for the time between posts.

U.S. Podcast Audience (2008-2013 millions and % of Internet users)

2008- 17.4 (9.0%)
2009- 21.9 (11.0%)
2010- 26.7 (13.0%)
2011- 30.6 (14.5%)
2012- 34.6 (16.0%)
2013- 37.6 (17.0%)

Source: eMarketer, Feb. 2009

Digital Social Media Activities of Small Businesses in North America (March 2009)

Responding to Customer Questions- 64%
Networking- 57%
Reference/Education- 44%
Messaging?Commenting/Tweeting- 37%
Advertising/Promotion of Business- 33%
Creating and Maintaining Profile- 32%
Blogging- 27%

Source: Sage Research by AMI-Partners, April 8, 2009

Pocasting Audience:
I feel that the podcasting numbers are a significant reflection of the industry. It's still been a steep learning process for most business owners. Podcasting is still a technology "buzz word" and my experience has still been educating potential clients. They sort of understand it and are still weary to take the plunge.

The strongest selling point for promoting "podcasting" is if the business has a superior content that they are willing to share. But, "sharing" is often misplaced for promoting and/or advertising. Educating clients about the difference can still be very challenging and confusing. There have not been very many break out concepts that can be referred to...and that are appealing to most clients.

Hopefully 2010 will supply us with more examples and inspire businesses and organizations to flex their imagination.

Digital Social Media Activities:
These numbers took me by surprise! "Responding to Customer Questions" was the biggest surprise to me. I wish it was defined a little more. How would be my first question? And, with what application would be my second? I'm also surprised Advertising, Promotion, and Tweeting were not higher.

To me, Blogging can be the most controlled of all, so why that is not higher is a mystery. Networking feels right and is the easiest. I think Reference and Education will be the next wave of success. The costs are must cheaper that traditional methods, so I would expect this to rise even further in the future. Messaging and Tweeting will also continue to build momentum. It's easy, fast and, most companies will grasp it very quickly.

How do you feel about these numbers? Do they represent your organization? Visual Media Concepts is pursuing these new technologies to help businesses increase their visibility and in the end...make more opportunities!