Friday, May 1, 2009

Walking Dinosaurs

So, is your company a walking dinosaur? The rules are changing for most businesses. I'd like to share my feelings about this subject, but more importantly, educate and toss in some of my own idealogy.

Over the past few weeks, I've heard some opinions about "this change" that I find interesting. Part of the change has been about social media and networking. I'm currently dropping all the jargon and buzz words when I discuss them to clients. In the end, to me, all these these changes are great are just other ways of empowering, learning and being apart of the dialogue...good or bad.

People have been questioning the time spent on Blogs, Twitter, Facebook and the like. Why? Becasue these people do not see the value in these social tools. I've found these same people typically spend the same amount of time being social in building and on the phone. What's the difference? Time is time...right. Is either one wasting time? No. Building and maintaining relationships is the cornerstone of all business. I would be more worried if you find someone not socializing. So whether you're golfing with a client, talking on the phone, Twittering, or just plain walking social and encourage it.

Obviously this is not an excuse to spend all day on social networking sites or the golf course:)

I heard a women complain about YouTube the other day. She questioned why they had the right to upload the content they did. That scared me a bit. Why does she care? I believe it's a combination of being scared and not understanding the concept. All content is equal (providing the Terms and Conditions are met) whether it's a cell phone video of kids horsing around or an amazing documentry.

It's interesting how uncomfortable people can become when the normal channels of media distribution (TV, Radio, Newspapers) are challenged. I'm starting to believe it's a generational thing. Although I know a vast amount of Baby Boomers that "get it"...I also know a lot that don't. Is it becasue this generation was never was able to particapate in the process. Is it becasue they expected their information to be spoon fed to them? I'd like to know more and to understand these concerns.

My Parents believe that everything online is a lie because "anybody can put anything up there". This is true. Being skepical is great. However, they don't know the credentials of the "professionals" that are producing mainstream content either. They assume and expect that they are being fair, honest, and doing their due diligence on projects. Is this the case? Is it fair? Does money and a big fancy logo mean that you are a trusted source? Hmmmm?

Who and/or what are your favorite "walking dinosaur" stories?