Thursday, December 11, 2008

Talk It Up! Heidi Millers Twitter Tips.

I found this fascinating blog post today on Heidi Miller's blog. Here are some great tips and tricks for using Twitter.

  • Twitter as you have information to provide or questions to ask. Zero to 20 tweets a day is a good start. A hundred tweets an hour is too many (the limit is 165 an hour, I believe).

  • Don’t tweet if you don’t have anything to say.

  • Establish, choose and use hash tags as appropriate—for example, #green for Tweets focusing on green, sustainable living projects. This makes it easier to track your conversations and retweets (using Twitter Search). If you're live tweeting a conference, be sure to find out and use that conference's hash tag for each related tweet.

  • Ask questions and ask for feedback via Twitter to encourage two-way conversation. This will help you to get to know your followers more personally and keep your Twitter feed active and engaging.

  • Set up Google alerts for your name, your company name, your competitors' company name, and your favorite hot button topics around your brand. For example, I search not only for "heidi miller" but also "social media," "twitter," "online communities" and "community management." Scan your feed each morning and tweet each article that sparks your interest (or that might spark the interest of your followers). NOTE: you don't have to tweet ALL of them; just the one or two that really grab you.

  • If you have a blog, set your blog to repost new blog entries to Twitter. This will only constitute one or two tweets a day, and it will help to drive traffic to your blog.

  • If you have a Seesmic account, set it to automatically tweet new video comments. People who aren't active on Seesmic can easily follow the conversation and participate if interested.

  • Retweet related articles by your followers that are on topic or that show interesting or controversial insights. (See Jeremiah Owyang’s recent posting on retweeting as social media validation.)

  • Reply to any @ requests within an hour, preferably sooner. Respond by the next morning if they appear overnight.

  • Reply to DMs with a DM within an hour, preferably sooner. Respond by the next morning if they appear overnight.

  • If a follower DMs you and you can't DM back, send an @ message indicating that he needs to follow you so that you can respond via DM.

  • If you have a Facebook presence and post fewer than 20 tweets a day, set Twitter to automatically update your status.

  • Talk It Up!, Dec 2008

You should read the whole article.

Friday, December 5, 2008

TWO things to consider before you start a blog.

Scheduling and Content!

I'm writing this because...well, I'm stuck! I've created this blog to inform both professionals and peers about Web 2.0, Social Media, and Web-Video. You would be correct in determining that I have plenty of content to cover and research. I do.

The problem is scheduling. I am a procrastinator. I usually work very well with deadlines. If it doesn't have a'll be lucky to get it. So, I have all the content in the world to discuss, but I continue to put it off.

Starting this weekend, I'm going to set deadlines for my blog posts. What good is a blog if my readers (?) don't have any idea when the next post will be? I will post the new schedule and hope you'll enjoy and better, more frequent blog about Web 2.0, Social Media, and Web-Video.

Please comment your ideas, questions and concerns.