Monday, April 28, 2008

Social Media Mistakes

Blogging is NEW! Social Media is NEW! Podcasting is NEW!

It's just natural to make mistakes doing this social media thing. I'd like to list a couple of mistakes that I've made along the way.

#1 Mistake: I was "un-friended" on Facebook by one of my favorite podcaster...Mitch Joel. Why? I accidentally spammed him. How? I sent him an email promoting my latest podcast. It was a benign, short email that I sent to my friends. I added Mitch in there because I felt comfortable with him. The problem is...I have not developed any sort of rapport with Mr. Joel!

It's funny though, in my mind he's a dear friend. On the surface that sounds creepy, but I'm very fond of the people that I follow on these networks.

Social media is very social. Just because you're "friends" with someone, doesn't mean your really friends.

I don't blame Mitch Joel. It's completely my fault and I learned a valuable lesson. I wish they would add a "develop rapport" button on these darn social sites. It sure would make this a little easier. I still subscribe to his podcast and love it. Although, I stopped following him on Twitter as a payback! I had to retaliate:)

#2 Mistake: Comments are great, but be careful with them. You see, my personality is made up of the following ingredients: 1 part smart aleck, 2 parts sarcasm, and 4 parts positive fun and liveliness.

This obviously has gotten me in trouble. It's important to make sure that people don't take your comments out of context. This can be difficult, so be careful. It's four times as hard to make up with some one on a social network than in real life. You're one "un-friend" or "block" away from social media oblivion.

I'll be sure to let you know what my next mistake will be. I'd love to read your fumbles! Please share your mistakes with me. I would hate for Mitch Joel to ban me from his podcast!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Good Numbers...Bad Numbers...Blah, Blah, Blah

OK, let's check the latest batch of new media numbers. Ready, set, go...

Reactions to In-Stream Advertising
* Stopped watching, but stayed on site
** Stopped watching, but leave site
*** Continue to watch video

Age: 18-24
* 23.6%
** 11.4%
*** 57.6%

Age: 25-34
* 37.3%
** 12.3%
*** 41.6%

Age: 35-44
* 36.3%
** 13.4%
*** 42.4%

Age: 45-54
* 36.2%
** 16.7%
*** 43.3%

Age: 55-plus
* 38.3%
** 21.2%
*** 37.2%

Impact of In-Stream Advertising
Compared to other ad units on a site

8.6% I pay somewhat less attention
9.5% Not sure
13.6% I pay somewhat more attention
24.4% I pay much less attention
36.1% I pay neither more nor less attention

Source: Burst Media Research, Dec. 2007