Saturday, March 22, 2008

Twitter...what is it?

I'm currently addicted to Twitter!

At first sight, it looks kinda' lame, but once you take it for a test drive it's hard to look back. I wish all my friends and colleges were using Twitter. It's a great way to learn about people and establish quick updates. Both businesses and organizations can benefit greatly by using this micro blogging technology.

Brandice, an Internet friend from the Podcamp Ohio group, recently shared a video link that explains Twitter quite well.

Check it out at Common Craft - Explanations in Plain English

Happy Tweeting!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Here's a reason to be NEGATIVE!

10 reasons why movies SUCK!

5 ways to RUIN your marriage!

8 ways to tell a friend to SHOVE OFF!

How many of those headlines look familiar? The more important question is how many of those headlines would you read?

It's a tired and true technique to get attention. Whether it's a news release, blog posting, ad, or anything else you're trying to shine a light on...NEGATIVITY works in breaking through all the other noise.

The positive about negative headlines is that the meat and potatoes of the story is usually positive, up lifting or informative.

So, the next time you write an article to promote your company, organization, or yourself use a negative headline to draw in the readership.

Please shoot me an email if you have a question, comment, concern, or have an idea for a topic!

Better yet...stay away for this blog if you're interested in learning anything new!!