Thursday, February 7, 2008

Social Media Applications

What Web 2.0 applications are communication professional planning to use in the next year?

Online Video 63%
Podcasts 43%

Blogs 55%
RSS or Web Feeds 51%

Social Networks 41%

Have you thought about what you're planning on using to market and communicate with your clients?

Source: Melcrum, as sited in press release, April 26, 2007

What's your Biggest Moneymaker? Free Stuff!

I just read an amazing article in EContent magazine. Writer Steve Smith wrote about the new business model of giving away FREE content in exchange for being inundated with advertising. I guess i's not a completely new idea. Broadcast television has this business model. Steve explained, though, how now newspaper, magazines, software, and even phone service. Some companies offer some free services and then try to "up sale" you into buying premium content.

I enjoy this business model...if it's done right. The music and movie businesses are obviously having a problem determining what their next business model should be. Although sales are up on DVD releases, sales are down for music CDs.

What is your business strategy? Is your biggest moneymaker the free stuff?