Sunday, January 13, 2008

WEB-VIDEO...2008...Growing up

I'm really fired up about the growing potential this year has for web-video and social media.

Let's check out some numbers:

Broadband households paying for online video content

(Millions of U.S. Households)

2005= 1.5
2006= 3.2
2007= 11.9

Source: Parks Associates' consumer research "Broadband Video: A Market Update"

As this number grows, so does the number of eyeballs watching your content. When web-video was in it's infancy, I wondered how it could ever really hold water. It looked awful and just didn't appeal to me. I was much more interested in quality.

"Who wants to watch a little blurry and ragged video image on their computer!?"

I thought it was ridicules. Well, the technology is catching up in leaps and bounds. The images are crisper, clearer, and much better than I thought would ever be possible. Of course, none of this would b possible without better broadband.

The democratization of video on line is in full swing. Everyone is doing it. The kid down the street, your church, high schools, colleges, non-profits, governments organizations, businesses, entrepreneurs, small business, and hopefully YOU!

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