Monday, November 26, 2007


The What's the BIG Idea? podcast will be going bi-monthly! I've had an incredible amount of extremely talented business and entrepreneur experts sign up to share their specialties.

Also, visit the Visual Media Concepts website for a link these great podcasts.

One of my best friends, Luci, has made it to the home page. She's really cute!

Tech Trends and Numbers

College Students Lead the Way

Receive video links: General Population (GP) 75% College Students (CS) 91%
Send video links to others: GP 57% CS 83%
Watch video with others: GP 57% CS 41%
Rate video: GP 13% CS 40%
Post comments about videos: GP 13% CS 34%
Upload videos: GP 13% CS 37%
Pay for online video: GP 7% CS 14%
-Sources: General internet population: Pew internet/American life Project College Students:

In may of 2007, 35% of U.S. internet users streamed video from YouTube.
-comScore Video Metrix

Special Thanks to Streaming Media Magazine