Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Accu-Key Video Online

So how can video on your website help your company?

Do you have a product or service that is best seen in action rather than viewed with a picture and brief description? Well, Accu-Key Lock and Safe decided that it needed to show rather than tell its latest product add-on.

Accu-Key Lock and Safe Owner, Mehdi Zahedi, approached me about needing an instructional video for a patent pending product he was developing. His audience is other locksmiths that own a particular key cutting machine. It basically turns a manual operation into an automated operation with a slight modification.

So what are the benefits of presenting this on the website? First, it will give potential customers the ability to see how it works. Secondly, it will show them how easy the installation process is. And thirdly, it will be a more accurate representation of what this product can do. I believe Accu-Key Lock and Safe will benefit greatly by displaying this video on-line and on their site.

What do think? What other benefits do you think video can show?