Thursday, July 26, 2007

Web Video by the Numbers

Are you convinced that this “web video” phenomenon is just a flash in the pan? Well, let’s break down the numbers. The June/July Streaming Media magazine issue offered a look into “Technology and Business Trends by the Numbers” in its bit rates column.

U.S. Online Video Viewers, the year 2003-2010 (millions)

2003- 52.3

2004- 69.6

2005- 89.4

2006- 107.7

2007- 123.4

2008- 137.2

2009- 149.0

2010- 157.0

Source: eMarketer, November 2006

U.S. Online Video Viewers as a Percent of Internet Users, by gender, 2006-2011 (%)

2006- Male: 71.2% / Female: 55%

2007- Male: 78.4% / Female: 66.1%

2008- Male: 85.5% / Female: 75%

2009- Male: 88.6% / Female: 80.1%

2010- Male: 88.7% / Female: 82.2%

2011- Male: 88.8% / Female: 84.6%

Source: eMarketer March 2007

I believe this is just the beginning of a content empowerment revolution by the public. People are now able to watch-what they want to watch and can then decide when to watch it. Digital Video Recorders (DVR and TiVo), Streaming video, iTunes (you download music, TV shows, Movies, and Podcasts), YouTube, DVD TV show box sets, and computers have all broken the chains of the television providers. No longer are we bound to our couches waiting for our favorite content. We can even skip the commercials.

So how does this relate to web video and Visual Media Concepts? Well, web video’s foot print and realm of possibilities are almost endless. Business owners can now create just about anything with relative easy and convenience. Ok, now you’re asking yourself, “Yeah, but what about the price tag?”

The real question is…can you afford not to look into creating your own content?

Visual Media Concepts is determined to make video on your website work and work well. Give us a call and change your direction.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How do you use the Internet?

How do you find information at work? Do you use the Internet, a Newspaper, or the Phone Book? More than likely it’s a little of each, but which one is the most convenient?

It seems that more and more people are using the web as their favorite “go to” source for information. What’s Paris Hilton wearing (Yuck!)? Did you see that funny video on YouTube? How do you get to that restaurant? Where and what time is does that movie start?

Also, I can’t think of any local publication that doesn’t have an online presence. Can you? Newspapers, radio stations, and organizations of all types have a website that is used to promote themselves.

I’m always amazed at how many unique businesses resort to only pictures and tons of text to tell their story. What would work best to describe a pet acupuncturist business? Pictures and text or video? Another business that needs to re-invent itself is that local car dealership. How many more screaming and yelling commercials need to be made?

Every business has a unique selling point, service or product feature that sets them apart. I hope your business and organization is making the best of your advertising budget.

Visual Media Concepts is always on the look out for promoting the unique and interesting. So the next time you land on a website with a few pictures and a ton of text…ask yourself how you would use video to tell a more interesting story.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Can you make money with video? How about online video? Check out “Will it Blend?” and see for yourself. They have increased there direct-to-consumer sales by five fold. They gain so much exposure from their viral video that they were featured on VH1, CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, The Today Show and many others.

They got their start by uploading the videos to YouTube in November of 2006. Their history will not be mixed with any confusion as to the gained exposure of their success. Online video worked in this case.

Are there other “Will it Blend?” stories to be told? Absolutely.

Visual Media Concepts is continually plotting and planning new concepts for online videos that businesses can use to gain exposure.

Got any catchy ideas?

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Web 2.0

Is Web 2.0 the real deal? Is it all it's cracked up to be? I believe it has lived up to the hype. Jose Castillo has written an exciting article in Streaming Media Magazine titled Attack of the Giant Web 2.0 Lies! I would like to add my take to his article and what it means for your business and how I can help.

I'm bummed that I can't find the direct link to this article. I hope that will change later.

If you're not sure what Web 2.0 is...join the crowd. It's been hard to pin down and define. Although as mentioned by Jose Castillo, Tim O'Reilly has summed up all the specifics in his very popular article, What is Web 2.0.

Basically, Content is KING! So, if you want to survive this wonderful world of new media...good ideas are the trick. That's general huh. Ideas are tricky. One person's great idea is another person's nightmare. I've listen to my share.

For instance, a president of a machining company had a great idea to incorporate a half-naked women and a general tool worker to promote an open house. The basic premise was he was "cool" and "got the chic" because he attend the show. He sent me a link to a quirky micro brew company that had done something similar. They were able to pull this off because they're a beer company!? Beer companies have the license to present just about anything and it's acceptable.

In the end, his idea didn't fly. I'm sure he was disappointed and applaud his effort to break the mold of conservative promotion. So think outside the box enough to break the mold but not enough to make the evening news.

Although that might work too!

The next post...Can traditional businesses make money using online video? Fact or Fiction?

Also, Visual Media Concepts will be changing it's web layout soon.

All sorts of new changes coming soon.